Check Point – Anti-Ransomeware

Check Point’s Anti-Ransomware technology keeps businesses one step ahead of attacks today, and defends them against new variants that may appear in the future. It enables businesses to operate without disruption and keeps them safe from cyber attacks.


Immediately expose

ransomware to keep your business safe from cyber attacks


Detect and quarantine

the most advanced and evasive ransomware


Automatically recover

encrypted data


Ransomware hit 1 in 3 businesses during 2016. It evades detection by advanced endpoint and network protections, leaving most businesses vulnerable to attacks. Infection of a single host can rapidly spread ransomware, impacting the entire enterprise — often paralyzing operations for days.

Watch the video to learn about Check Point Anti-Ransomware, a new SandBlast technology for protection endpoints. You will learn how Check Point Anti-Ransomware keeps businesses protected from attacks by:

  • Automatically detecting, blocking and removing the most sophisticated ransomware infections
  • Restoring any encrypted data through automated remediation
  • Protecting endpoints that are both online and offline

Anti-Ransomware is a part of SandBlast Agent >>