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FortiSIEM: Powerful Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

  • Rapid detection and remediation of security events
  • Security, performance, and compliance management
  • Scalable architecture from IoT to the cloud
  • Pre-built compliance reports for faster time to value

Integrated Security, Performance, and Availability Monitoring in One Application

Breaches to network security continue to occur across all industry verticals, even to the most respected brands. The time it takes to discover, isolate, and remediate the incident continues to be measured in hundreds of days—having material impacts on security and compliance standards. The complexity of managing network and security operations is increasing exponentially as the number, types, and sources of threats continue to expand due to the rapid migration to cloud-based resources, mobile devices, and from the unknown threats that things like IoT devices may bring. It is no wonder that many organizations are struggling. As recent surveys have shown, enterprises have an average of 32 different vendors’ devices in their network, with no automated ability to cross-correlate the data that each is collecting. It is also easy to see why organizations are strapped for the cyber security personnel they need to manage all the data in these complex environments.

From its inception, FortiSIEM was built to reduce complexity in managing network and security operations. FortiSIEM provides organizations of all sizes with a comprehensive, holistic, and scalable solution for managing security, performance, and compliance from IoT to the cloud.

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FortiSIEM features include:
 Single pane of glass with cross-correlated analytics


 Ongoing self-discovery and mapping of interrelationships of all the elements attached to the network
 Purpose-built rapid scale support


 Cross-correlation of NOC and SOC data that’s traditionally managed separately