Project realization

Lösung als individuelles Gesamtkonzept
THE BRISTOL GROUP Deutschland ist seit 1989 am Markt und hat die Entwicklungen im Bereich IT-Sicherheit von Anfang an begleitet und beeinflusst. Im Gegensatz zu anderen Unternehmen der ersten Stunde hat das inhabergeführte Unternehmen seine Marktposition weiter ausgebaut.

The emancipation from manufacturers and products results in an independence that is reflected in the selection of different products for a solution. No product finds its way into the company's portfolio unless it has been tested by the BRISTOL GROUP in an extensive trial run for functionality, compatibility and the manufacturer's solid technical background.

Product independence, technical know-how and decades of project experience enable us to find the optimum solution for every scenario.

Pre-project phase

Pre-sales visit

  • Preliminary discussion, if necessary with technical advice
  • Identifying the problem and needs
  • Manufacturer-independent, rough solution assessment

Concept development and solution design for rollout and installation

  • Feasibility study, proof of concept
  • Proposed solution to the problem
  • Proposal for the deployment and installation process

Penetration test, security check of the external network

  • Verification of public IP addresses
  • Detailed documentation with suggested solutions

Security audit, security check of the LAN

  • Review of the security guidelines and their implementation in the LAN
  • Use of social engineering, as well as proven and innovative hacking methods
  • Detailed documentation with suggested solutions

Planning phase

Configuration service, incl. price and discount calculation

  • Creation of a rough solution plan

Solution search with performance check

  • Marktrecherche nach spezifischem Produkt unter Berücksichtigung
    der Eigenschaften gemäß individueller Kundenspezifikationen
  • Checking functionality and performance

Evaluation support in the form of technical assistance

  • On-site deployment, hotline support
  • Report and results
  • Product evaluation

Pilot project support in the form of technical assistance

  • Installation, implementation and commissioning of IT security solutions
  • Test for proper function
  • Coverage of at least 75% of the required functionality

Project planning to solve a definable IT security requirement

  • Project schedule from evaluation to operational readiness
  • Creation of a specification sheet as a basis for fulfillment or tendering

Execution phase

Implementation and management of IT security projects

  • Coordination of the schedule and rollout
  • Installation and configuration
  • Handover on time and ready for operation

On-site installation service

  • Installation of hardware / software of a 'try & buy' solution
  • Setup and creation of local parameters (e.g. rules)
  • Operational handover with acceptance report and documentation

Rollout, order-related delivery to customers

  • Set-up ready for installation
  • Delivery to the installation site
  • Commissioning and instruction of local personnel
  • Function test on central management

Our services

From the initial security investigation to the turnkey handover of the business and subsequent maintenance of the value of the security investments made, you are always on the safe side with the BRISTOL GROUP.