There is no single solution in information security. As the complexity of entire IT systems increases, so do the possible threat scenarios. Therefore, the requirements for IT security are diverse and require specialized solutions.

A botnet or botnet is a group of automated computer programs that run on networked computers whose network connection and local resources and data are available to them. Such botnets can be deliberately introduced into the network in individual parts and then assembled. Operators of illegal botnets install the bots on computers without the owners' knowledge and use them for their own purposes. Most bots can be monitored by a botnet operator via a communication channel and receive commands.

Anti-bot solutions protect against botnets: They check actions in and out of the network, e.g. to suspicious IP addresses with which bots communicate and receive commands, and thus detect threats from bots in good time. Anto-Bot solutions are installed at the gateway or as a proxy solution.

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Antivirus solutions / virus scanners protect against known computer viruses, worms, Trojans and other malware, blocking and removing them. Anti-virus solutions are used at the gateway, proxy or directly at the endpoint; a combined solution is recommended for comprehensive protection. Virus scanners retrieve their information from manufacturers' online databases and should always be up to date in order to detect the latest malware.

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Application security / application control are part of a high-performance firewall concept. This makes it possible to detect applications and threats independently of the network protocols. This makes it possible, for example, to distinguish a WinSCP connection on port 443 from a legitimate https session. This means that legitimate connections can be distinguished from undesired connections via port 443 and attacks can be prevented.

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There are various systems for secure authentication for log-ins. For example, electronic identification systems with tokens and smart cards are commonly used.

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With larger network and security infrastructures, the management of backup routines and files quickly becomes confusing. A backup solution is often required that independently creates backups at specified intervals and checks them for function, recoverability and plausibility so that the required backup can be found as quickly as possible and is also functional in an emergency.

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Monitoring and change management solutions are used to monitor adherence to company guidelines / compliance. Rule changes to the firewall and other network components can be logged and analyzed. The extensive log data is correlated and analyzed.

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The aim of content gateway security is to keep viruses, bots, spyware and other hacker attacks out of the network. A next-generation firewall (NGFW) is a hardware or software-based firewall system that can detect and block increasingly sophisticated attacks. This works through security guidelines on the application layer as well as on the port and protocol level.

Next-generation firewalls combine the functionalities of conventional firewalls - including packet filtering, network address translation (NAT), URL blocking and virtual private networks (VPN) - with modern functionalities such as quality of service (QoS) and options that are not normally found in firewalls. These include intrusion prevention, SSL and SSH inspection, deep packet inspection, reputation-based malware defense and application awareness.

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Data can be leaked in a variety of ways: through infiltrated malware, data theft by employees, targeted industrial espionage, loss of data carriers and mobile devices, etc. In addition to security solutions that protect the network from intruders and malware, the data itself should also be protected by encrypting it and making it accessible only to certain groups of people.

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Simple, secure file transfer, even for non-IT specialists; easy sending of large amounts of data and secure, traceable data transfer; integration in Outlook; Sharepoint functionality

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Email security solutions offer security for daily digital communication and anti-spam protection by scanning all emails.

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Endpoint protection includes all solutions that are installed on the endpoint to protect it from viruses, spyware and hacker attacks hidden in emails or on websites in addition to security systems on the firewall etc.. Only through comprehensive protection at the firewall, perimeter and endpoint can security policies be consistently enforced.

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Distribution of incoming HTTP and HTTPS requests to different web servers so that their performance can be better utilized and application performance is improved. The potential of the existing infrastructure is thus optimally exploited.

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In an increasingly mobile business world, the protection of data on mobile devices is becoming ever more important. Mobile security solutions offer the following scope:

  • Complete protection of business data on mobile devices
  • Protection of mobile devices against malware, real-time protection against unknown malware
  • Data encryption on mobile devices

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Beinahe jedes Unternehmen arbeitet mit externem Personal und Dienstleistern zusammen, die ihre eigenen Geräte mit dem Firmennetz verbinden. Auch hat nahezu jedes Unternehmen öffentliche Bereiche, in denen Netzwerkanschlüsse verfügbar sind (Kassenbereich bei Banken…).
Doch wie wird hier der Schutz Ihres Netzwerks gewährleistet? Wer hat überhaupt Zugang zu Ihrem IT-Netzwerk? Womit können Sie jeden einzelnen Netzwerkport kontrollieren und absichern? Gibt es bereits unerkannte Fremdgeräte in Ihrem Unternehmen?
Ohne Schutz ist es Angreifern einfach möglich, Daten abzufangen oder Malware einzubringen. Hier kommen Layer2 / NAC (Network Access Control)- Systeme zum Einsatz. Diese erkennen nicht-inventarisierte Fremdgeräte und schränken deren Zugang zum Firmennetz nach vordefinierten Regeln ein, legen sie z.B. auf ein spezielles Gäste-VLAN oder stellen ein Gäste WLAN bereit. Auch Gefahren durch nicht ausreichend vor Malware geschützte Fremdgeräte (etwa ohne ausreichenden Virenschutz) werden so gebannt und Sie erhalten einen Überblick über die Geräte in Ihrem Netzwerk.

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Perimetersicherheit ist eine grundlegende Anforderung an den Schutz von Unternehmensnetzwerken. Perimetersicherheit betrifft die Sicherheit am Übergang zwischen dem Unternehmensnetz und dem Internet. Für die Perimeter-Sicherheit sind bestimmte Richtlinien definiert, die die IT-Technik des Unternehmens gegen das Gefahrenpotential schützen. Über VPN-Techniken können sicherhe Verbindungen zwischen Standorten hhergestellt werden. Zudem bieten die Lösungen Remote-Access-Möglichkeien für mobile benutzer. Optional unterstützden  die Perimetersysteme zudem Schutz vor Viren, Bots, Würmern und Hackerangriffen. Zu den in den Richtlinien genannten Möglichkeiten gehören Firewalls, Virenscanner und Anti-Viren-Software sowie Web-Filtertechniken.


  • Firewalls
  • Virus scanner
  • Anti-virus software
  • Web filtering techniques

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Protection against targeted cyberattacks and unknown, modified malware is becoming increasingly important, as these are not detected by conventional anti-virus solutions, which can only find malware whose profile is already known. Threat emulation / sandboxing solutions identify malware by testing incoming files in a virtual environment. If data behaves suspiciously, e.g. attempts to execute code or access directories, it is isolated or not downloaded at all.

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URL filtering functions block access to certain website categories from the company network to prevent employees from surfing dangerous or offensive sites. URL filtering solutions are installed at the gateway or are available as a proxy solution.

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Instead of static websites, complex, dynamic systems are the norm today, to which numerous applications are connected that access internal company databases. These interfaces and web applications are highly vulnerable to cyberattacks and need to be protected against SQL injection, spoofing and customer data leakage. A normal firewall - even if it has IPS and application control - is not capable of detecting and fending off web service-based attacks. A special web application firewall provides the necessary protection. Another function is SSL offloading (relieving the web server of encryption).

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